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The area


AgathiasThe Meltemi taverna-Restaurant is situated in a lush green garden area in Agathias Village, providing cooling shade and a relaxing atmosphere. The distance to Palekastro is 1km and to the famous beaches of Kouremenos and Hiona is also 1km.

The family Kounelakis takes great pride in their superb quality of ingredients and therefor has many faithful customers as well as being very popular by the local residents.

The region of Palekastro, in the east end of the island of Crete, is part of Lassithi province, and for Crete is quite unique as an area that is still untouched by mass tourism.

It mainly consists of small mountains up to 600-800 meters high, fertile planes and small villages along the north coast in traditional Cretan style.




Vai palm beach

vaiAccording to a legend, Arab pirates who came to Crete threw out the pips of the dates they were eating while they were here and that from these came this grove of 5000 palms. It is prohibited to camp overnight within the grove, which covers an area of 60 acres and is protected by fencing under the care of the Forestry Service.

It is organised and has been awarded with the EU Blue Flag.

It is an exotic, tropical beach with fine sand and pebbles and crystal-clear blue sea. 6 km far from Palekastro.

Moni Toplou

Toplou MonasteryToplou monastery is one of the most significant monasteries in Crete, dedicated to Virgin Mary. It was founded around the mid 15th century, Probably on the ruins of an earlier convent.Having to defend itself from pirates and invaders,

Toplou monastery is heavily fortified, being laid out around a courtyard paved with sea pebbles and surrounded by strong, 10 meters high square walls.

In its present form it extends to about 800 square meters in three floors, divided into cells, guest houses, kitchens and warehouses. The main churchis built as a two nave basilica and the belltower dates back to 1558

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